Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow

Every student, every day.

Keeping our focus where it matters most. That’s where this innovative accountability system comes in. We believe that by integrating components of accountability, assessment, accreditation, career education, and data into a system of school improvement and support, we build a broader, bolder, and better education system for all Nebraska students.

Working toward a new reality.

Providing schools and educators with access to important information through a single streamlined process—we’re working to make this possible through AQuESTT’s systems of support. Imagine . . .

  • Having more time for teaching and learning.
  • Spending less time on reporting.
  • Gaining equal access to information.
  • Experiencing enhanced professional development.
  • Participating in the development and sharing of best practices.

The systems of support will be a key component in helping you work more effectively and efficiently, so be sure to watch for updates on how the system is coming together. In the meantime, find other helpful communication tools, information, and support here.